With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), rule-based processes can be automated in the shortest possible time and at low cost. These processes can originate from anywhere in your company, from onboarding new employees to automated controlling processes to information retrieval and distribution. Automation can also be useful for migration projects that require the laborious transfer of data from one location to another.

The robot can be installed on a normal workstation or a virtual machine and simulates an employee. The robot interacts with your applications in the same way your employees do, with mouse clicks and keystrokes. This makes it possible to automate cross-application processes, as just like a human, the robot can open multiple programs and switch between them.

While the robot can execute the repetitive (partial) processes error-free 24 hours a day, your employees can take care of more exciting, complex and varied tasks.

Automation of a company's commission reclaim process.

The process was effectively implemented and rebuilt for this video.

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